3 Ways Businesses Can Use Chatbots In Nigeria

Drift’s 2020 State of Conversational Marketing report, usage of chatbots as a brand communication channel increased by a whopping 92% since 2019. 24.9% of buyers used chatbots to communicate with businesses in 2020, up from 13% the year before. (Source: Drift)

For business owners, I bet you there can not be a better period to be competitive in your industry than now. The future is already here. All thanks to the ever-growing AI-powered chatbot technology.

With the rapid advancement in the industry, Chatbot can now help all types of businesses off-load a huge chunk of their customer support operations to chatbots, delivering better customer experiences and dramatically cutting their operational costs in the process.

The beauty of what chatbots come with is numerous. Some of the aspects are situations where businesses fully automate a complete sales process from engagement through purchase to customer feedback and eventually attempt to help in the win back of some lost leads.

But what are the possible activities chatbots can help your business with?

Below is a list of what we can let chatbots comfortably do for us…

Chatbots helps in Engagement

How many people can you reasonably respond to on same questions about your product or services in your DM at a time? Not much I guess

How many hours do you have to be online to actively engage in chats with clients alone?

How many platforms can you actively respond to clients during a high chat?

Well, chatbots have come with a solution that will help you reduce your workload for repetitive tasks. With chatbots today you can automate discussions with your potential customers.

Users are curious to know your product range, arrange consultations or check the schedule. Let the chatbot cover those tasks so that your customer support manager can deal with issues that are of higher priority.

Chatbots Are good for Sales and Conversion

With chatbots today, you can create a fully functional shop right in your instant messenger. The bot can generate a personalized offer after asking users just a few pre-defined questions. Users will automatically be shown product cards or even product catalogs leading to your website for purchase.

Can you remember how many sales you must have missed just because you were not present online to respond to chat?

Chatbot can be great at Retention and Re-engagement

With Chatbots today you can now truly provide 24/7 support to your customers.

Remember users don’t really stop reaching out when you are offline. With a chatbot set up to answer users’ requests 24 hours a day be rest assured to keep your visitors and customers happy at all times.

As a business owner who wants to build a chatbot for your business, you can achieve that on several social media platforms from one single platform to multiple platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram.

You can write and fine-tune your chatbot flow for each messenger and create a multi-channel subscription widget to convert your website visitors into subscribers and boost conversions.

Steps to get chatbot automation for your business right Now

Step 1 Visit a chatbot design platform and register a free account by clicking here.

Step 2 Create and launch various auto-replies and message flows using a trigger.

step 3 Decide on the message that will be sent to subscribers based on the trigger you set.

Step 4 Create the logic of the chatbot

Step 5 Use the test mode to check whether your bot works properly.

Step 6 Activate your bot and launch your message flow.

Should you need assistance for a complete setup of your chatbot, Interact with us by clicking this link or Call 08026521855.

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